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The Request Has Been Made...

That I tell you about myself.

Well, ok. But don't say I didn't warn you...

My current mood is: The current mood of at

Listen to my LAUNCHcast station!

Foist of all, lemme say somethin'! I am currently not wearing pants or covering of any type below the waist area. I feel that society's need to conform to the "clothing norm" has made us victims of the TYRRANICAL clothing companies. For now, I wear only pudding

Alright I guess I'll start with the usual gunk.
If you've come this far, I guess you deserve to know my real age (I lie everywhere else).
I'm 21 - my birthday is on August 2nd (that makes me a Leo).
On the Myers Briggs scale I'm a ENFP (Extroverted, iNtellectual, Feeling, and Perceptive).
I usually live in the god-awful city of Spokane in Washington State. But...I'm in my junior year at Washington State University and am majoring in Broadcast Communications.
I've been a barista for two and a half years. That's a geek who works in an espresso bar.
There's a hell of a lot of espresso bars in Spokane... and not much else. :P
I love to act and currently involved with STAGE at WSU.

I like to shop for antiques, go out to coffee shops and see my friends' band play at local night spots.
I only have a few pictures of me scanned and thay're awful. See? Trust me, I look better in person.
Oh well.

My Online Diary

as of 11/19/00

Band: A Perfect Circal
Color: Burgundy
Movie: ...
Song: I'm a little teapot
Latest injury: Self Esteem (Thanks, Aaron)
Often feeling: Hung Over

Anything else?

Here's me and my buddy Mark last Oct 29th

<--- Another old picture

<--- Me and my recently deceased kitty

A few friends of mine from college. Erin, Melissa and Annie