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(Bands, Musicians, Composers...)

A Perfect Circle
JINX U2 Archive
A Perfect Circle
Oingo Boingo
Tori Amos
Siouxsie and the Banshees
David Bowie
W.A. Mozart's Page
Elegantly Wasted : INXS
Loreena McKennitt
Billy Idol
Switchblade Symphony
Danny Elfman
Stabbing Westward
Abscence Of Faith : Nine Inch Nails
Gravity Kills
Tears For Fears
James Horner
Pet Shop Boys
Sky Cries Mary
Lords of Acid
Gavin Friday
The Beatles

Sorry, no Marilyn Manson here!

(PLAYS!, Movies, Comics...)

Calvin and Hobbes Madness
Beauty and the Beast
Les Miserables
Phantom of the Opera
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac/Happy Noodle Boy

And then there's the "Been there, done that" category...

West Side Story
Once Upon A Mattress
Bye Bye Birdie
Romeo and Juliet

(Poetry, Books, Authors...)

Articulata - A Place For Poetry
Anne Rice
The Poetry Cafe
Poppy Z. Brite
The Phantom of the Opera
The Virtual Dante's Inferno

"The Well" by Gregs or Gregsatan666 or whoever...
Good 'ol Marty's Pyramid Scheme Page
Veronica's Web Page
My Friend Ben's Place
My Friend Damon's (Trekkie) Page

(Need I explain?)

Cat Tales Conservation Park
Wolf Haven International
The Dark Side Of The Net
The Virtual Memorial Garden


Yes, We All Have A Sick Side